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               About Us

Panash is one stop solutions for all, where louable quality meet creative demostración. We do what is never été témoin before.
Witness the Change. Witness the Class.

Panash takes online shopping to a whole new level where customers for the first time ask for what they love, cherish and desire. We at Panash go beyond the traditional online selling style and deliver what our customers are asking. We merge creativity with innovation at Panash and bring our user an experience that is totally different from what current trends are. This separates us from the competition. Panash is a platform for the masses where customers can choose from variety of excellence. We take online shopping to a level where it should have been.

At Panash you will find the excellence of quality with the innovative designing so that whether your requirement is of commendable styling kurta or an appreciated home décor, from classy casual wear to innovative tech produit, from fashionable accessories to desi bhangra style et mode. Panash delivers it all. 

We at Panash create style and  celebrate fashion. Our aim is to make Panash your first and last choice.

Panash Style That Matters



Panash - Where Louable Quality Meet Creative Demostracion

Your online shopping arena – Panash is not just a shopping platform for you but it is your guide to cut the unnecessary clutters present online that not only misguide you as a customer but also misrepresents products online. We at Panash strive not only for best quality, best rate or fast delivery but we carefully strategize our policies to gain the trust of those customers who have been betrayed time and again by the ecommerce industry.

Panash is your one stop solution for all products purchasing after understanding their detailed specifications as we equip you with comprehensive information of the product and its market be it within or outside Pakistan. Apart from our thorough website, we are also present on every social media platform; Facebook, Instagram, Youtube where we educate our partners of upcoming trends, the market situation along with real time videos and plentiful pictures of products that you intend to purchase. Be it the trending clothing fashion, up to date technology gadgets, essential skin care products, necessary self grooming items and rustic home décor, our respective market experts have taken care of all, for you, in order to extend out our best services because we value your trust in us. For you, we have carefully chosen class, vogue, sophistication that no other online shopping platform could. Panash delivers all across nation promising quick and safe delivery of your products that our Quality Control team personally check before dispatching the order to save our customers from any hassle usually faced when you purchase online. Our strong controls and checks are to make sure that our customers receive the product that they ordered for in the right amount and quality. We make our customers further secure by covering 7 day return policy in which we not only replace the product but there will be money back guarantee in case the customer is not satisfied with our materials. Our values and integrity define and shape Panash that will never be compromised at any cost, under any circumstances.

Panash we offer a wide range of carefully chosen products that are accordingly categorized, the products fall into the subcategory of latest technologies that include mobile phones, laptops, mobile accessories, laptop accessories, gaming consoles, cameras; trending fashion that includes party dresses, seasonal dressing i.e. casual summer outfits, winter clothing, spring collections, women and men accessories that are watches, jewelries, bracelets, shoes etc.; we also have a separate section where we offer body care along with hair care products for both men and women, fragrances covering all kind of exotic, floral, musky, light perfumes for both the genders.

Panash aims for bringing wide variety of trending products under one roof for the ease of our customers so that we can serve you with unparalleled quality and matchless price since we excel and take pride in our national and international market research. We provide you with attractive discounts and keep you abreast with our latest offers, deals, new arrivals and DIY tutorial videos. Our objective is to promote customer empowerment by willingly sharing with them and benefiting them with our strengths that we have gained over time with relentless effort. Join hands with Panash to build our arena stronger to serve you even better in terms of quality, price and Style That Matters.